China calls for new steps, new breakthroughsid wristbands in Afghan peace process

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Wang Yi, Chinese State councilor and foreign minister. [Photo/IC]

KABUL - China called here Saturday for new steps and new breakthroughs in pushing forward the Afghan peace process.

Speaking to the press after attending the 2nd China-Afghanistan-Pakistan Foreign Ministers" Dialogue, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said peace is the strong desire of the Afghan people and the important precondition for the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan.

China welcomes the peace initiatives put forward by the Afghan government and appreciates the assistance the international community has provided for the peace process in Afghanistan, Wang said, adding China supports all efforts aimed at bringing an end to the war and conflict and realizing peace in Afghanistan.

The reconciliation in Afghanistan is ultimately a matter of the Afghan people, and Afghanistan"s sovereignty, independence and the will of the Afghan people should be fully respected. The principle of the inclusive Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process which is recognized by the international community and the Untied Nations Security Council should be honestly implemented, Wang said.

"We urge the Taliban in Afghanistan to respond to the peace initiatives and return to the negotiation table as soon as possible."

Wang said China is a good neighbor of Afghanistan and helping Afghanistan achieve peace, stability and economic development is China"s sincere desire.

China is willing to continue using its advantages to serve as a supporter, mediator and participant of Afghanistan"s reconciliation on the basis of respecting the will of all the parties in Afghanistan, he said.

Pakistan is an important neighbor of Afghanistan and China is willing to work together with Afghanistan, Pakistan and the international community to push forward the peace process in the war-torn country for new breakthroughs, Wang added.

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